By executing this Private Party Space Rental Agreement (“Agreement”), all private party renters and their guests (collectively, “Renters”) assent and agree to comply with all of the following policies and procedures of Bug & Goose, Inc. (“Bug & Goose,” “we”, “us,” or “our”), as set forth herein. The policies, procedures and this Agreement may be amended from time to time at Bug & Goose’s sole discretion and with no notice to Renter.

1. Deposit and Overtime. Any rental of space from Bug & Goose for a private party must be secured with a nonrefundable security deposit of $100.00. Only upon payment of this non-refundable security deposit shall Bug & Goose hold the requested space for the private party rental. The non-refundable security deposit will be applied to the total rental balance. The balance amount due and owing must be paid in full at the end of the scheduled party time.

  1. The Renter and all guests must completely vacate the premises within the 15-minute grace period from the end of the contracted party time to avoid automatically incurring the fees outlined below. If you’d like a longer party, please make your request prior to your event.
  2. The Renter has confirmed the party date, start and end time with Bug & Goose.

  1. If the party goes over the scheduled party time by more than 15 minutes, the Renter agrees to pay $100.00 per half-hour over the initial party time. This amount shall not be pro-rated.
  2. If the party begins late, the party will end at the originally agreed to time. The Renter may have the option to (at Bug & Goose’s discretion depending on the remaining schedule for the day) start the party late. The Renter agrees to pay $100.00 per half-hour that the party starts late if the time is extended.

2. Play Area Policies for Parties.

  1. We will be actively enforcing our normal safety rules and policies during parties.
  2. Our crawler area is designed for guests 18 months and younger. If any older child (including an infant’s sibling) enters this area, Bug & Goose reserves the right to ask the older child to leave the area immediately. If the behavior is repeated, the child and caregiver may be asked to leave the premises entirely.
  3. Food may be served at any time during the event. If cake and/or dessert will be served at your party and/or if presents or gifts will be opened, we require that these activities be done LAST, immediately before the party is over. The play area will CLOSE during such events and will NOT re-open for the Renter.
  4. Our play area is STRICTLY for children aged 6 and under. Adults and children older than 6 are more than welcome to play with the play-area aged children during the event. However, anyone over 6 may NOT use our equipment or toys other than while assisting a younger child.

3. Food, Drink and Add-Ons. Food, drinks, or add-ons provided for the private party must be pre-arranged with Bug & Goose at least seven (7) business days prior to the private party. Any changes made after this deadline must be pre-approved but shall not be guaranteed and will incur a $25 convenience fee.

  1. Substitutions: Bug & Goose, may, at its sole discretion, make reasonable substitutions as necessary in Bug & Goose’s sole discretion.
  2. A non-refundable deposit for any add-ons will be taken at the time of booking for any add-ons contracted outside of Bug & Goose. Cancellations on add-ons less than seven business days in advance may incur additional cancellation fees.
  3. Pricing may be adjusted for market price variations that are beyond the reasonable control of Bug & Goose.
  4. Alcohol may not be brought in by the Renter.

4. Decoration. Nothing may be hung on the walls or ceiling without the express, written permission of Bug & Goose. Any Renter who adheres tape to the walls will be assessed a fine in the amount of $250 for damages, regardless of whether damage is immediately visible. Renter is free to hang decorations on any of the interior doors and windows. Helium balloons must be tied down either to a balloon weight or chairs. We do allow piñatas. For décor: please note that while parents are free to choose any theme, the planning, choosing, and purchasing of decorations and supplies are at the sole discretion of Bug & Goose. Bug & Goose retains ownership of all supplies and décor (save for any extra décor the family brings) after the conclusion of the party.

5. Damage & Cleaning. Any excessive damage done to the Bug & Goose premises or to the Party Space or other Bug & Goose property shall be billed to Renter for either replacement or repair.

  1. In the occurrence of an additional mess – as determined by the Bug & Goose management or staff – created or done by the Renter or any of its party guests (children and adults included) resulting in extra cleaning of the Party Space, Bug & Goose premises, or other Bug & Goose property, shall result in a charge to Renter of an additional $250.00 nonrefundable cleaning fee.
  2. Bug & Goose cleans and sanitizes its toys, property, party space, premises and other property (including bathrooms) on a consistent basis. Renter and all party guests must insure that they dispose of all waste materials such as diapers, paper towels and trash in the correct receptacles provided by Bug & Goose.

6. Gratuity. Gratuity is not required but is appreciated and left up to the discretion of the Renter. Recommended gratuity for excellent service is 15%.

7. Socks. Bug & Goose Play Cafe is a “no shoes, socks required” play space. Socks ARE required in the play space at all times. Both adults and children are required to wear socks as part of health code. This is necessary for the health and safety of the children. The Private Party Renter is responsible for enforcing that all party guests have socks with them when they enter Bug & Goose Play Cafe. If a guest does not have socks, Bug & Goose Play Cafe can sell them a pair or run a tab for socks that will be charged to the Private Party Renter at the completion of the party.

8. Personal Property. Bug & Goose, its agents and employees are not responsible for the Renter’s or any of its guests’ personal property. It is the sole responsibility of each person entering into the facility to be responsible for all possessions and belongings. Under no circumstances shall Bug & Goose, its agents or employees, take responsibility for any lost, stolen, missing or damaged personal property or otherwise.

9. Safety. Renter and the parents of the party guests (invited or otherwise) are completely responsible for the well-being and behavior of minor children while on the Bug & Goose premises, the party space, or other Bug & Goose property.

10. Conduct. Bug & Goose, its employees, and staff each reserve the right to ask any child or adult during the private party found to be destructive and/or abusive to any other guests (whether party guests or not) to immediately leave Bug & Goose property.

11. Indemnification. The Renter agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Bug & Goose, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, and agents (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties"), from and against any and all losses, costs, expenses, including but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees, claims, actions, demands, damages incurred by or asserted against the Indemnified Parties by reason of the acts, omissions or negligence of the Renter, its guests, employees, agents or assigns, arising out of or in any way connected with the Renter’s event, except when directly caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Indemnified Parties.

12. Cancellations. Any cancellation within two (2) weeks of a scheduled party shall result in an additional $25.00 cancellation fee, on top of the party deposit, unless Renter can provide proof of medical emergency, family emergency, or other emergency circumstances. In addition, Renter also forfeits any future benefits from the nonrefundable security deposit.

13. Default. Failure by the Renter to timely pay Bug & Goose all amounts due shall constitute a default by the Renter. Upon a default by the Renter, Bug & Goose, at its sole discretion, may (1) terminate this contract and retain all amounts paid to Bug & Goose as liquidated damages, or (2) enforce the terms of this contract through any and all remedies that it has as defined in this contract. In no event of default shall Bug & Goose be liable to the Renter for any amount in excess of amounts paid to Bug & Goose. Such payment constitutes the Renter’s sole and exclusive remedy and Renter hereby relinquishes any and all causes of action, which the Client otherwise have in law or in equity as defined in this Agreement.

14. Applicable Law and Construction. The laws of the State of Wisconsin shall govern the validity, performance and enforcement of this Agreement.

15. Arbitration. By executing this Agreement, Bug & Goose and Renter agree that any dispute or claim arising under or with respect to this Agreement will be resolved by Arbitration nearest to Elm Grove, Wisconsin before an arbitrator chosen by agreement of Bug & Goose and Renter. Each party shall equally bear any costs associated with arbitration. The award shall be final and binding upon the parties. Any award may be entered as a judgment or order in any court of competent jurisdiction.

16. Force Majeure. Neither Bug & Goose nor Renter shall be liable or responsible for any delays or cancellations of the private party due to casualties, acts of God, war, governmental regulation, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Bug & Goose or Renter. These policies shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

The undersigned has read and understands this Agreement and agrees to abide by and be bound by such Agreements.


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