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I, [ First Name ] [ Last Name ], agree to foster-to-adopt the following cat:

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The Undersigned has read and agreed to all policies outlined in the Felius Cat Rescue Foster Home Policies and Procedures.

This Foster-To-Adopt Addendum (“Addendum”) is attached to and incorporated in the Felius Cat Rescue Foster Home Policies and Procedures signed by the undersigned (the “Undersigned”) on 21.02.2020. By signing below, the Undersigned agrees to the following additional terms:

The Undersigned has fourteen (14) days from the Foster-To-Adopt Start Date listed above (the “Evaluation Period”) to adopt the cat identified above (the “Cat”) by completing the Felius Adoption Application and paying the Adoption Fee listed above;

In the event the Undersigned does not adopt the Cat within the Evaluation Period, the Undersigned hereby agrees to promptly return the Cat to Felius Cat Cafe upon request by a representative of Felius Cat Cafe or Felius Rescue;

The Undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees that until the adoption is completed, the Cat belongs to Felius Rescue; and

The Undersigned agrees to abide and be bound by all of the terms and conditions contained in the Felius Cat Rescue Foster Home Policies and Procedures at all times that the Cat is in its possession, up until the Undersigned adopts the Cat or returns the Cat to Felius Cat Cafe.

I have read the preceding and agree to the terms and conditions set for herein.

Date: 21.02.2020

Time: 12:33 AM

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