How to start using Waiver Master?

Signup for a free account, then email your first document to support@waivermaster.com

We will process the document and activate it in your control panel. Usually it takes less than 24 hours, but may take longer in certain cases, depending on document's complexity and file format. Please note that each plan has a limit on free document size processing. Check pricing for more details.

What is form/document processing?

Waiver Master runs on many devices, with or without an app. We created our own formatting to make it easier for your customers to interact with forms and to ensure quality of service. When you send us a document, we digitize and format it, so it looks and feels the same everywhere.

What file formats are accepted?

We prefer word, pages, or plain text. You can also send us a pdf or take a high-res image with your camera or phone. Please note that it takes much longer to process images and pdfs.

Is document processing free?

Each plan offers a number of documents processed for free. If you require more, there's a one-time fee per document, depending on complexity, size and format.

How many documents/forms can I have?

You can have as many documents and forms as your business requires. Only free plan has one document limit. Every paid plan has unlimited documents feature.

What is the difference between free and paid plans?

Free plan doesn't offer PDF downloads, POS link and payment processing. It is limited to one single-page document/form. We designed a free plan so that you can fully experience our service with just minor feature limitations.
Hint-hint: You can easily "Save as PDF" or "Print as PDF" from your browser when you view the submitted documents.

I run a seasonal business, what do I do during off/slow season?

We have a monthly storage/access only plan for seasonal businesses. You can also "hibernate" the account and then re-activate it for a one-time fee. Depending on how long your off/slow season is, you can choose one or the other depending on what's more beneficial for you.

What are submissions?

A submission is when a customer fills out a form, or signs a document, and clicks "Submit". We process the submission, add it to your account, send you an optional notification (you control that for each document) and also create a customer record using the data they entered.

How many submissions can I have?

You can have unlimited submissions, however each plan has a number of submissions included per billing period. You should pick a plan based on your current business needs.

What if I go over the limit of submissions?

Don't worry, we want your business to run smoothly!

First, we will send you a notification when you're nearing your limit (75%), so you have a chance to upgrade.

If you don't upgrade, your customers will be able to submit and sign without interruption, but access to your control panel will be restricted until you either upgrade, or stay on the same plan and pay the overages. Overages are charged at $0.20 per submission.

If you do go over 25% your account may be blocked. We will try to avoid this by all possible means, and will reach out to you multiple times before this happens.

I have Clover. How do I use Waiver Master?

Install Waiver Master app on Clover. Just visit the marketplace, search for Waiver Master, pick a plan and install. An account will be automatically created for you. Once we processed your documents/forms, you will be able to launch Waiver Master from checkout, or as a standalone app.

I have Square. How do I link Waiver Master?

Visit Square App Market and find Waiver Master app. Sign up using the app market link. If you already created an account - click on "account settings" and then "Link Square Account". Note that you need to be on a paid subscription to link Square.

I have MINDBODY. How do I link Waiver Master?

Please send us your MINDBODY site ID and we'll send you an activation link. We will also contact you directly to finalize the integraiton as each MINDBODY business may have different requirement/features that we offer. Please note that you must be on a paid subscription and there's an additional fee of $15 per month per MBO location.

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